After owning this domain for what feels like all my life and doing nothing with it, I decided what better way to start blogging than by writing about the bloggers who inspired me to pick up my digital pen. I could make a list the length of my arm but after some careful consideration I’ve managed to narrow it down to my favourite five. So, here we go;


Since becoming a veggie a month ago, I’m not sure I’d have survived without this blog. The hardest thing about cutting meat and fish from your diet is thinking of things to replace it with. Blogger Kate’s recipes are delicious and there’s loads of choice. I hate mushrooms, which is difficult as a veggie as the slimy suckers tends to play a part in pretty much any vegetarian meal, but Kate has so many different recipes with so many different and tasty ingredients that I no longer need to panic eat egg, chips and beans every night! A must try even for non-veggies is the baked tortellini and broccoli with a garlic bread crust – so yummy!


Ok, heads up here, The Little Magpie comes with a warning. You will get seriously life envy if you follow this blog. Amy mainly focuses on fashion and travel, with a few lifestyle posts thrown in there. Her photos are amazing and you’ll end up glued to her Instagram trying to figure out where ALL of her outfits are from.


This is quite a random blog that I stumbled across one day but now I’m addicted to reading about Paige’s life. She’s a Texan blogger and if I’m honest I have no idea who half of the people she writes about are (American athletes? The Bachelorette? American Idol winners from 2008?) but her writing is just so funny that it doesn’t even matter. Most of her posts are embarrassing stories that sometimes you can’t believe she’s willing to share online, but you’re so glad she has. Check it out here.


At the end of 2016 I made a vow to myself that 2017 would be the year of working on me. I decided I wanted to be happier and more positive instead of focusing on all the sad things happening around the world and in my life. There were a few different things I did to keep this vow, and I’ll talk about the others in later posts, but one of the first things I did was find Positively Present. Dani’s posts remind us to see the good in things and to learn to love ourselves. I now make sure I read one post every morning before I start my day to ensure there’s no more Negative Nelly.


Brenna is originally from Canada but is now living in London. She’s travelled to over 90 countries around the world and has some amazing stories and advice. After reading her posts, all you’ll want to do is to go online and book a one way ticket to anywhere outside of England. I love reading her blog with a big glass of Prosecco and making lists of the places I want to go (although every time she goes somewhere new it becomes a new place on my list!). I love her writing style and enjoy reading her more personal posts about balancing life/travel and blogging.


So there we have it, my five favourite bloggers who inspired me to get stared . Who are your favourite bloggers? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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